NDIS Support Coordination Provider

If you have an existing NDIS plan, our NDIS support coordination team at First Support in Melbourne can help you look for and choose the best quality and value local providers from around you. Our NDIS support coordination team consists of local NDIS coordinators who not only know their region but also are proficient in sourcing from a variety of supports including various things from therapeutic services to other mainstream support. The support coordinator for NDIS will help you choose the service that you are looking for according to your specialized needs. The NDIS coordinator support list consists of various providers out of which they will help you choose the right one according to your needs. Apart from this, they can also help you decide your budget, negotiate agreements, and so on.

Services of Support Coordination

Our support coordinators have gone through NDIS coordinator training and have the necessary NDIS specialist support coordination qualifications to provide you the following services:

  • Help you exercise your control and make sure you get the provider of your choice
  • Help you identify the various options that you have among mainstream, informal, and funded networks
  • Help you investigate the said options to help you judge the suitability
  • The NDIS support coordination will help you comb through the list of companies in the marketplace and choose the best provider according to your specialized needs
  • They will also give you information regarding your NDIS fund and the things that you can do with it
  • They help you understand the flexibility of the NDIS funding
  • They will help you manage and direct the supports of your own
  • They will help you correctly and adequately implement your NDIS plan
  • They will provide you with more opportunities and give you chances to connect with alternative support and the whole community
  • They will help you in settling your agreements with the providers
  • The NDIS support coordination team also makes sure that you get value for the money you pay and help you use your funding more efficiently
  • They help you in decision making regarding the services
  • They guide you and help you in budgeting and managing NDIS funding expenditure
  • The NDIS support coordination team also provides specialist support coordination services, which can be used to integrate into your community or network. It can also be used to resolve crisis points and parenting training.

Whether you need some guidance regarding how to get maximum benefit from the NDIS scheme or how to go about the general process, First Support’s team of NDIS support coordinators in Melbourne can help you and provide you with advice and guidance. Using our help and support, you can receive the maximum benefit from your scheme. We can help you with not only support coordination services, but also various aspects like accessing your NDIS fund, negotiating with providers, connecting with various agencies, getting integrated into the network and so on. Our NDIS support coordinators will aid you in achieving your dreams and build skills to promote an independent living.

If you wish to use our NDIS support coordinators’ in reviewing or renewing your scheme, join a new one or have any other query in Melbourne, you can contact us on 1800 00 89 89 or email us at admin@firstsupport.com.au.