DID you know that NDIS does provide funding to support you as an NDIS participant to obtain help with day-to-day tasks around your home so you can be independent and learn new skills?

YES, NDIS does provide such funding and it is called Supported Independent Living (SIL) Funding.

YES, AT First Support Australia, we are a registered NDIS Service Provider and our Specialist Support Coordinators are highly qualified and experienced in applying SIL Funding for our Participants.

YES, we have been successfully obtained SIL Funding for so many of our Participants, our success rate in obtaining SIL Funding for our Participants is almost 100%.

IF you want to know more or you want us to help you to apply for SIL Funding, please call us immediately on 1800 00 89 89 or write us an email at info@firstsupport.com.au.

OUR Services and Supports for SIL

YES, AT First Support Australia, we are a registered NDIS Service Provider and our team are highly qualified and experienced in providing supports and services for SIL Participants.

YES, our team has been trained for, experienced in, and obtained relevant certificates for:

  • Providing medication,
  • Using hoist,
  • Shower trolley,
  • Peg feeding, or
  • Mental health first aid.

YES, our team also has registered nurses to do assessments for physical health disabilities.

YES, we have been providing supports and services to multiple SIL Participants including temporary housing (Short-term accommodation [respite], Medium-term accommodation, and Private rental). WE are also a registered SDA Service Provider and we have few projects to build SDA House that are currently in the process to build.

YES, our supports and services provided to SIL Participants are ranging from:

  • Personal Care,
  • Like a shower,
  • Getting dressed,
  • Eating,
  • Cooking meals,
  • Cleaning,
  • Chores,
  • Shopping, or
  • Social activities.

YES, our support workers can come at different times during the day based on the roster care:

* visiting in the morning
* visiting in the afternoon
* staying overnight