NDIS Service Provider

First Support Australia is an NDIS service provider, offering capital, core, and capacity-building support. The National Disability Insurance Agency will offer funding of necessary and reasonable support and services to enable the participants to receive educational opportunities, actively participate in the community and do things independently. NDIS supports and encourages its participants to develop the necessary skills and get a job to earn an income and lead an independent life. The NDIS quotes that the ‘reasonable and necessary support’ must be beneficial and effective to the participant and it must not include daily expenses like food, water, electricity, telephone, rent, etc. With the help of NDIS support plan, participants can purchase suitable services to support and help them achieve their goals.


NDIS Eligibility

The National Disability Insurance Agency programs are offered to people with a lifelong impairment that would hinder them from doing day-to-day activities without some kind of assistance. The NDIS providers specify that the person must meet a few criteria to receive the funding:

  • The person must live in the NDIS transition area or trial site.
  • Should be under the age of 65 while applying for the scheme.
  • The personis likely to need NDIS support for a lifetime.
  • Should have a permanent disability that stops them from effective social and economic participation.

There is an NDIS provider directory which will have the NDIS service provider list. This will help you find the NDIS provider in your area.

Improved Daily Living NDIS

NDIS has three primary categories namely Capital Support, Core Support, and Capacity Building Support. Improved daily living NDIS falls under the Capacity Building Support scheme. This category allows funds to be used for the training and development of skills needed to increase Independence and Community participation. Participants will be assisted in building skills needed to improve daily living, health and wellbeing, and improved living arrangements.

Our NDIS Service in Melbourne

At First Support Australia Disability Service in Melbourne, we assist you to analyse if the support that you are currently receiving is meeting your needs or not. Being an NDIS provider, we help participants understand the importance of knowing what they want to learn, where they want to live, and what their goals and aspirations are. And then, we assist them in understanding the NDIS eligibility and in choosing a suitable NDIS plan that will cater to their complex needs.

We give top priority to the participants and their choices and preferences. We emphasize on the overall development and comfort of the participants. Our services include a range of services like Accommodation, Nursing and Complex Care, Mental Health and Behavioural Care, In Home and Community Care, and Support Coordination. Our support services will be tailored to meet the needs of each participant. We strive to provide the best quality services to our participants and to enable them to lead an independent and happy life. You can call us on 1800 00 89 89 or write to us at info@firstsupport.com.au to address your queries related to NDIS support.