Complex needs support for people with high-level disabilities

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) helps thousands of people with disabilities all over Australia by giving them personal, individualised access to the supports they need to achieve their life goals. However, following a review of the scheme in 2017, it became clear that the NDIS was insufficient for some people, particularly for those identified as having ‘complex needs.’

What are ‘complex needs’?

‘Complex needs’ is a broad term, and encompasses people with a wide variety of additional care requirements, but can include people with severe disabilities who need round-the-clock care, those with multiple physical or mental disabilities, and those with additional health, behavioural and social challenges, including mental health, homelessness, or incarceration.

The Complex Needs Support Pathway

In response to the 2017 NDIS review, the Australian Government announced the launch of a Complex Support Needs Pathway in 2018. This Pathway provides an additional layer of support, and extra funding, for disabled people with the most high-level disabilities.

Who can access support for complex needs?

Through the annual NDIS care planning and review process with NDIA Support Coordinators, disabled people with additional or complex needs are identified and referred to a skilled Complex Support Needs planning team. These teams work closely with the disabled person, their family and carers to assess the level of support required and implement strategies to access additional care and supports.

As with the general NDIS Pathway, the disabled person’s own personal life goals are at the forefront of all care decisions. Importantly, a disabled person can also move between the Complex Support Needs Pathway and the general NDIS Pathway as their needs and life goals change and develop.

Access complex care with First Support

Supporting and providing care for disabled people with complex needs is, in itself, complex. Yet, as an NDIS-approved care provider, First Support wholeheartedly believes in the importance of providing such care, however challenging and multi-faceted it may be.

That’s why we focus on providing capacity to care for people with the most high-level needs, all across Australia. Where needed, we provide:

  • Round-the-clock care
  • Short-term and respite accommodation
  • Supported independent living accommodation
  • Specialist disability accommodation
  • Culturally diverse staff who speak multiple languages
  • Flexible, agile support for rapidly changing complex needs

Our team, comprising more than 100 qualified staff members, is experienced in supporting people with diverse complex requirements, including associated medical, behavioural, emotional and mental health needs.

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